The perfect energy storage for your system

Safe, innovative and efficient energy storage for your photovoltaic system at home or for grid-scale applications such as solar parks and wind farms.

BlueSky Energy provides energy storage systems from some of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. GREENROCK is an sustainable overall solution. Energy storage based on salt water technology is perfect for your private home: non-flammable, non-explosive, maintenance free.

You can benefit from our customized turnkey solutions. Intelligent storage systems are the ideal solution to overcome rising energy costs.

Home StorageYour privte storage power station at home

With your solar or photovoltaic system on the roof, you use only a small portion of the potential energy. And you must use the power when it is generated or feed at low prices.

Enhance your PV system with intelligent energy storage and you can depending on the system supply to a large extent even with your power.

Get advice from our energy experts. We help you with the selection, installation and service.

Industriell Energie speichernModular and flexible for any situation

With our grid-scale storage batteries we have intelligent and flexible energy storage for industrial energy production.

Environmentally friendly batteries will make renewable energy such as wind and solar energy independent of the vagaries of weather. Our industrial storage solutions are ideal for utilities to cover peak loads.

Thank to modular design, single battery units can be connected together without any problems. Learn more about the flexible usage of our batteries.

OEM ServicesFull focus on core competences

We support battery manufacturers in the development and production of their battery systems.

The battery manufacturers can focus on the development and improvement of their technology thus.

In over 10 years, we have served leading technology companies in contract engineering and manufacturing as well as cost reduction programs.

Solar street meets energy storage!

US company Solar Roadways visited BlueSky Energy in Austria and talks about a potential cooperation!

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Wind Farms

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Energy Storage Service


We will analyze your situation and determine your energy storage needs. The result forms the basis for planning an optimized storage solution.


Based on the foundations of the analysis, we will design the ideal storage solution for your situation technology-neutral and brand-independent.


Our experts and partners will install the energy storage at your place. After comprehensive system testing, the batteries will be ready for commissioning.


After installation, we will support you in maintenance and service. Our warehouse will guarantee the rapid availability of any critical spare parts.

Service for Battery Manufacturers


We support battery manufacturer in the design, development and industrialization of their batteries with innovative solutions always one step ahead.


As a contract manufacturer, we support you in the production of individual subsystems as well as turnkey systems from small quantities to large volume.

Cost reduction

We can work on cost reductions for your battery systems. Through global supply chain management and technical innovations, costs can often be reduced significantely.


We will give advise to your battery’s certification process. Our quality management team will guide you professionally until the desired certification is achieved.

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Our partners

As a company offering a full line of innovative storage products, energy has a network of select technology leaders and scientific institutions for collaboration and business partnerships.

Victron Energy
Aquion MIT
Aquion Energy
  • "Energy storage is the foundation, so that the share of renewable energy can grow and 100% renewable energy can be achieved. I think energy has a very innovative solution to save energy in an environmentally friendly and economical way.
    Hans-Josef Fell
    Präsident Energy Watch Group