//International conferences with GREENROCK presentations

International conferences with GREENROCK presentations

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International conferences in the US and South Africa

GREENROCK saltwater batteries are presented at international conferences and shows in the US and South Africa. Speeches about the safest and most environmentally friendly battery on the market are proof about the increasing interest in saltwater technology for storing energy. GREENROCK saltwater energy storage is a robust and reliable alternative to common lead and lithium products.

Saltwater batteries are the safest storage technology available on the market and neither inflammable nor explosive. Its wide operating temperature window is seen as a competitive advantage besides its capability to deliver 100% depth of discharge. Its non toxic nature is another advantage and makes the technology the most environmental friendly storage technology.

Monday, September,24th  2018: IBESA storage conference in Anaheim, CA, USA

Lyle Gold presents the new generation of saltwater batteries to the audience


Oktober, 22nd/23rd, 2018: SA Energy Storage Exhibition and Conference in Johannesburg South Africa

Dr. Thomas Krausse speaks GREENROCK – the saltwater energy storage

Austrians Energy Congress 2018

Right now from 19th to 20th of september we are present at Österreichs Energiekongress 2018. Lots of top-class speakers are present there. Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger will give an energy policy outlook and Federal Minister Norbert Hofer will show how Austria is creating a change in traffic. GREENROCK is present with the safest and most environmentally friendly electricity storage. Company founder and CEO Hansjörg Weisskopf is available for extensive talks at the congress. Here are some impressions of the congresss.