Batteries – The Diva and the Infantry

Jaqueline Koch’s article “Natrium-Ionen-Systeme – Eigenschaften und Vorteile der Post-Lithium-Batterien”  in the current issue of Elektronik Praxis deals with the features of salt water batteries. The English translation of the titel would be “Sodium Ion Systems -Features and Benefits  of Post-Lithium Batteries”

We think the article is worth reading it. One of the famouse translation tools will help you to read it in English. For all those with little time we have summarized some key messages here.

An excerpt of the article:
Aqueous sodium ions are used in saltwater batteries. They are the key to safe and environmentally friendly battery technology. Dr. Karl-Heinz Pettinger sees the technology as a real alternative for stationary storage applications.

The batteries are environmentally friendly because a ph-neutral electrolyte is used. A battery that is neither flammable nor explosive. It is absolutely safe to touch transport and storage are carried out as harmless goods. The batteries do not fall into a dangerous goods classification. Likewise, no additional building regulations are to be considered.

Jacqueline Koch refers to lithium batteries as a diva among the batteries. They are sensitive but necessary for true high-tech applications. Often, lithium-ion batteries are used, although their features for the specific application are not necessary. A lithium battery can be charged and discharged in a quarter of an hour, absolutely necessary for mobile applications, whereas stationary ones often require a much higher storage horizon. If, for example, the electricity in a mobile phone mast fails, it will rarely be repaired in fifteen minutes; several hours would be much more useful here. The saltwater batteries, on the other hand, are the infantry that can do most of the work. The post-lithium batteries based on salt water electrolyte are robust and safe.

The demand for saltwater batteries is increasing. BlueSky Energy’s business storage GREENROCK Business launches a plug and play commercial battery storage of up to 270 kWh. Additionally, the sales team for Germany is strengthened to meet the high demand.