//Video GREENROCK Energy Management System

Video GREENROCK Energy Management System

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GREENROCK  Energy Management System now available as a stand-alone solution

On the occasion of the Austrian Energy Show Energiesparmesse Wels on 27 and 28 February 2019 and the public fair from 1 March to 3 March 2919 we present our video for the GREENROCK Energy Management System.

Watch the video. Have fun.

EMS -Video

Why does an Energy Management System (EMS) help to optimize self-consumption?

Home owners install a photovoltaic system on the roof of their home. A great start. Now we are producing our own electricity and the family is happy with their first step into the energy future. Later there comes a further insight. When the sun is shining all the familiy is out. We need most of our energy in the morning and evening hours. We have to feed our solar power into the grid and buy energy in the evening hours.

Therefore we want to save the power and use it ourselves. The EMS stand-alone version optimizes self-consumption. Additionally a GREENROCK saltwater battery assists for even better outcomes.

Why install the GREENROCK EMS as a stand-alone solution?

With small investment you can significantly reduce energy costs. Eg. The EMS starts a washing mashine when the sun shines. This is possible with wireless sockets. Washing machine, dishwasher or even a pool pump are started when the sun is shining. The GREENROCK Energy Management System provides recordings and evaluations of actual consumption, net feed-in of excess and actual PV production. On the basis of this data you can evaluate, how big must a future battery storage be. Which requirements are important for you? Accordingly, the size of a future GREENROCK saltwater battery is adjusted. Anyone who installs a GREENROCK saltwater battery will receive a discount on the GREENROCK EMS already installed.

Which ad-ons can be integrated to the EMS?

Integrate heat pump, heating element, hot water boiler, e-charging wall, radio-controlled sockets or other energy sources into the system. Together with a GREENROCK saltwater battery, self-consumption is further optimized. Use your own solar power with good feeling – that’s the goal.

EMS house

Here is a first impression of yesterday’s opening of the energy show in Wels. Visit us there Hall 20, Booth F1090.

From March 12 to March 14 we are at ESE in Düsseldorf. You are welcome at our booth. Hall 08B, booth F18-7

Eröffnung Energiesparmesse Wels