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Batteries – The Diva and the Infantry

2019-01-23T08:51:02+02:0023rd. January, 2019|

Batteries - The Diva and the Infantry Jaqueline Koch's article "Natrium-Ionen-Systeme – Eigenschaften und Vorteile der Post-Lithium-Batterien"  in the current issue of Elektronik Praxis deals with the features of salt water batteries. The English translation of the titel would be "Sodium Ion Systems -Features and Benefits  of Post-Lithium Batteries" We think the article is worth reading read more

Full of energy for 2019

2019-01-14T14:46:02+02:0014th. January, 2019|

Full of energy for 2019 This is how BlueSky Energy starts the new year. Demand for GREENROCK saltwater bateries is increasing.  People are looking for safe and environmentally friendly alternatives for storing energy. Saltwater batteries are fullfilling these criteria. Right in January, we are presenting ourselves at two events. These are interSolutions in Ghent - Belgium's read more

Off-grid installation of GREENROCK saltwater batteries in Northern Carolina

2018-12-19T09:15:48+02:0019th. December, 2018|

Off-grid installation of GREENROCK saltwater batteries in Northern Carolina The owner is pleased with the outcome of the new installation saying, "The BlueSky team was very helpful, especially with installation questions regarding my new GREENROCK batteries.  I am happy to be using such environmentally-friendly batteries for my off-grid home." Living off the beaten path with read more

Power with sun and batteries

2018-11-20T09:56:16+02:0020th. November, 2018|

Power with sun and batteries A five family home relies exclusively on sun power for its energy and heating supplies. GREENROCK saltwater batteries are part of the project. What's so special about this house? Instead of installing an expensive heating system the house offers PV panels, battery storage and modern infrared heating system. Compared to read more

International conferences with GREENROCK presentations

2018-09-20T11:46:46+02:0019th. September, 2018|

International conferences in the US and South Africa GREENROCK saltwater batteries are presented at international conferences and shows in the US and South Africa. Speeches about the safest and most environmentally friendly battery on the market are proof about the increasing interest in saltwater technology for storing energy. GREENROCK saltwater energy storage is a robust read more

Smart EMS (energy management system)

2018-09-18T12:39:50+02:0012th. September, 2018|

Smart EMS (energy management system) How does an EMS help? EMS stands for an intelligent energy management system. The goal for an EMS is to make perfect use of the available energy. Thus, self-consumption can be optimized and electricity costs reduced. You have installed a photovoltaic system and generate your own solar power? After a read more

Callia – an International ERA-Net project

2018-09-07T10:54:57+02:007th. September, 2018|

Callia - EU-funded project about transnational integration of Renewable Energies into the European power grid BlueSky Energy brings in to the Callia project it's expertise and know how in electrical energy storage.  Safe and environmentally friendly saltwater batteries are installed for back-up at the Stadtwerke Heidelberg. Further back-up installations are planned in Turkey. The project was read more

Car Design – GREENROCK

2018-09-06T15:16:04+02:006th. September, 2018|

New car BlueSky Energy founder is on fire for non-flammable batteries "I feel like a kid in a candy store". This is how Hansjörg Weisskopf describes his enthusiasm for his redesigned car. Listen to his euphoria in the following video. It was taken immediately after delivery of the redesigned car. As CEO and founder read more

Sweden – School relies on safety regarding power storage

2018-09-20T10:52:36+02:005th. September, 2018|

Sweden - The city of Uppsala installed a safe and environmentally friendly GREENROCK saltwater power storage at the new Tiunda-school. On the occasion of the grand opening of the school in late August 2018 the key representatives presented the new Tiunda-school. Politicians of the municipality of Uppsala, STUNS as a foundation for cooperation between schools, read more

Cost Comparison of Battery Storage

2018-08-02T09:50:08+02:002nd. August, 2018|

A cost comparison of battery storage at a glance How much is a kilowatt-hour of lithium-ion, lead or salt water batteries? What should be considered for a cost comparison of batteries? Comparing cost of a battery / storage system is a science in itself. On the one hand, many parameters must be taken into account, read more