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Who is BlueSky Energy?

BlueSky Energy is an energy storage solution provider and system integrator headquartered in Vöcklamarkt, Austria. The company was founded in 2012. Since then BlueSky energy successfully finished more than 350 projects. 

BlueSky Energy entertains offices in the USA, Belgium and Germany.

BlueSky Energy GmbH
Fornacherstraße 12
4870 Vöcklamarkt, Österreich

Tel. +43 7200 10188

Brixentalerstraße 21
6361 Hopfgarten, Österreich

BlueSky Energy US, Inc.


Mr. Lyle Gold is responsible for the North- and South American markets

Tel. +608 695 3161

BlueSky Energy bvbya
Koffiestraat 25
9270 Kalken (Laarne) . België

Mr. Bart Bossyns is responsible for the BENELUX markets

Tel. +32 9 391 36 72

BlueSky Energy is an energy storage solution provider and system integrator headquartered in Vöcklamarkt, Austria. BlueSky Energy entertains offices in the USA and Germany.

BlueSky Energy stands for:

What to do with excess electricity from the photovoltaic system?

This question makes us a specialist for stationary power storage solutions. Electricity produced during the day by solar cells on the roof is available in the evening.

Well-being in the living or working building: Safe and sustainable, that is important to us, so that you and your loved ones find a comfortable environment.

Easy to use and easy to install. Your installer or energy craftsman connects the Plug & Play system. You can directly track your energy storage by using the app.

Science and practical experience can be combined in a useful way. Through close cooperation with universities and research institutions, the latest findings are incorporated into our work.

Our Team

The shareholders Hansjörg Weisskopf and Horst Wolf are experienced entrepreneurs. For decades they led companies in the fields of automotive, aircraft technology, power plant construction and medical technology.
The two managing directors Ing. Helmut Mayer and Dr. Thomas Krausse have been working for many years for international companies in responsible positions.
Hansjörg Weisskopf
Hansjörg Weisskopf

Founder & Shareholder

Horst Wolf


Helmut Mayr
Ing. Helmut Mayer

managing director

Dr. Thomas Krausse

managing director

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