The safest energy storage for your energy independence!

Natural materials such as water, salt and carbon make GREENROCK the safest and most environmentally friendly power storage. Saltwater power storage technology has been successfully in use a thousand times worldwide.

BlueSky Energy developed the technology into a compact, ready-to-connect complete system. The saltwater power storage is available as an emergency power or island function system.

Quick and easy to install, durable and reliable in operation.

Designed and produced in Austria.

GREENROCK: Saltwater battery

The electrical energy storage system is neither flammable nor explosive.

Due to the innovative storage technology it is reliable, maintenance-free and robust in use.

Together with the high temperature tolerance GREENROCK is the ideal power storage to optimize your photovoltaic yields, to meet emergency power needs or implement complete energy-autonomous off-grid island solutions.

Saltwater Battery – GREENROCK Home all-over system

GREENROCK Home is a ready to install, all-over, integrated energy storage system. Available with intelligent energy management system and housing.

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 Saltwater Battery Technology

Saltwater batteries from BlueSky Energy are working on safe and environmentally friendly electrolyte with aqueous sodium ions.

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Photovoltaic storage

GREENROCK storage is the perfect solution to optimize your photovoltaic system.

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Energy-self-sufficient Off-Grid and Island solution

GREENROCK storage as centerpiece for your off-grid energy system, micro-grid or energy self-sufficient island.

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Define your ideal energy storage solution

What storage capacity is needed for my electrical energy storage? Which energy should the storage deliver? What is the optimal energy storage size for my photovoltaic and my electricity needs? The electrical energy storage configurator helps you to define your ideal storage. Easy and quick.

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„Energy storage is the foundation, in order that the share of renewable energy can grow and 100% renewable energy can be achieved. I believe BlueSky Energy has a very innovative solution to save energy in an environmental friendly and economical way.”

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