The Danish Poul Due Jensen Foundation and Grundfos pumps installed a fresh water supply in Togo. Instead of pumping the water by hand there is now an electric pump powered by photovoltaic and saltwater batteries. In Togo’s Plateau Region the two villages Bouré and Iko-Akpa enjoy now improved access to valuable clean water.

What’s the current situation in Togo?

In Togo, there are around 10,000 villages with less than 1,500 inhabitants and these villages are primarily served with hand pumps. The hand pumps are installed and supervised by the local water authorities who also demand that each village elects a water committee (called AUSEPA) and makes sure that each household pays for the water. This also means that the local water authorities are an important player: They are actively involved in all of our water projects in the Plateaux region states the Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

Pictures before and after the new water supply. No further exhausting hand pumping and lifting of the water ration.

ap station before_Bouré_PlanBornefonden_Helene Egebjerg

tap station after: source: Bouré PlanBornefon_Helene Egebjerg


tap station after_Bouré_PlanBornefonden_Helene Egebjerg

tap station after: source: Bouré PlanBornefon_Helene Egebjerg

Film Togo

Video Anne B. Christensen – PDJF

Why use saltwater batteries for that project?

For applications in remote regions GREENROCK saltwater batteries prove to be the first choice as their capability of 100% depth of discharge and maintenance free nature make them easy to use in areas where system access is costly and time consuming. For those applications a robust battery is valuable, also its temperature tolerance is important for such areas. Besides the robustness of GREENROCK saltwater batteries the safety aspect and environmentally friendly nature are important decision factors. Saltwater batteries are non-flammable, non-explosive and are made out of non-toxic materials.

Below you can see how pumps, photovoltaic and GREENROCK saltwater batteries work together.

graph: How water pump, photovoltaic and saltwater battery are connected

Batteries_Iko-Akpa_PDJF_Thomas Christensen

Batteries Iko-Akpa source: PDJF_Thomas Christensen

installation_Iko-Akpa_PDJF_Thomas Christensen

installation: source: Iko-Akpa_PDJF_Thomas Christensen

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation supports projects bringing safe and affordable drinking water to rural communities in developing countries and the world’s forgotten refugee camps. Here you can read more about the project and Poul Due Jensen Foundation.