90 kWh GREENROCK saltwater batteries for nursing home in Belgium

After extensive energetic restoration the Flemish Minister of Energy, Lydia Peeters, officially opened the nursing home Sint Lambertus Buuren in Halen. A 90 kWh GREENROCK Business saltwater battery stores photovoltaic power for using during the night.  The storage system optimizes self-consumption and offers residents and caregivers a safe living and working environment, as the saltwater batteries are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive.

The energetic renovation of the nursing home included insulation of 3,600 m² roof area and 212 kWp of photovoltaic. Further there is an intelligent heating system and the 90 kWh GREENROCK Business saltwater battery storage for optimizing self-consumption at the nursing home. After the renovation, energy consumption was reduced by more than 35%. More than that, CO2 emissions were even reduced by 40%.

Pflegeheim Halen

More Details about the project:

In addition to the requirements to improve energy balance and optimize self-consumption, it was important to further increase the comfort of the residents. Further, the support of the Flemish Government, especially the Ministry of Energy lead to a positive implementation of the project. The refurbishment concept with a saltwater battery storage received subsidies.

The return on investment is within 10 years.

90 kWh GREENROCK Business

Some quotes of the stakeholders:

“Batteries are an important link in our new energy model. Self-generated photovoltaic power can be used even more locally thanks to energy storage. “– Lydia Peeters – Flemish energy minister


“With the battery on our nursing campus Sint-Lambertus-Buren we now have a first project in which we integrate this new battery technology …. We hope that we can do much more projects of that kind in the future. “– Stijn De Roo, Wattson Group. The Wattson Group is an energy service provider managing the renovation and financing of the nursing home for the next 10 years.

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“In addition, we found that the comfort of our residents has also increased, which remains a top priority in healthcare.” – Dominiek Beelen – Senior Living Group. The Senior Living Group runs nursing homes in Belgium and puts sustainable entrepreneurship at the top of its agenda.

“As a social investor, I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions to major social problems. If a smart, new combination of partners, technology and finance can deliver sustainable value for all stakeholders while addressing challenges such as climate and aging, we are always ready to pioneer. “– Piet Colruyt – Impact Capital, Investment Company

“The cheapest energy is the energy we do not consume. The battery project proves the success and the future potential of a service package with energy-saving measures. In Flanders, there is great potential for such projects. “– Tom Mortier – PMV Finance

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