Space-saving installation under the basement stairs

From the first consultation to the installation

A 12.5 kWh GREENROCK Home storage is placed in a detached house in Germany under the basement stairs.

The home owner new what he was looking for. He wanted to optimize his photovoltaic’s self-consumption and directly use his solar power. The installer on site advised him on photovoltaic and storage technologies. In addition to the already known storage systems with lithium-ion batteries, the expert also presented salt water technology to his customer.

House Munster

During consultation they spoke about the following topics.

Why store energy?

A battery stores the energy gained during the day and releases it during the evening and night hours. In addition, an intelligent energy management system (EMS) helps to optimize self-consumption. For example, a GREENROCK EMS shifts peak consumption to those times of the day when most solar energy is available. Also hot water supply, heating element or the E-car charging wall for the electric car can be easily integrated.

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What are the features of saltwater batteries?

Saltwater batteries are safe and environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional lithium ion batteries, they do not contain toxic substances or rare earths. They are non-flammable and non-explosive. These features represent a significant safety factor, so that the system can be installed directly in the basement, garage or hobby room. There are no additional building regulations to consider. The batteries offer a depth of discharge of 100%.

Salt water batteries are heavier and require more space than comparable battery systems, as their energy density is lower. They are robust long-life batteries. They give the stored energy over five hours back to the consumers, they are no so-called “super fast chargers”.

Decision making:

The homeowner’s decission was made,  he wants to install a saltwater battery storage in his home. The advantages convinced him. In addition, he originally comes from the North Sea. He likes the idea of ​​using his beloved salt water for storing solar power in his cellar, even though he knows that there is no seawater in the batteries. The electrolyte is based on aqueous sodium ions. Hence the colloquial name saltwater battery.


set-up below the stairs

finished installation

Which challenges had to be resolved?

There is limited space available in the house. After a joint inspection a suitable place for the new GREENROCK storage could be found. Home owner and installer chose the mostly unused space under the basement stairs. The installer takes the measurements and prepares the necessary tools for transport to the cellar. With a sack truck, the battery stacks were brought down and then the GREENROCK Home storage was installed.

Assembly, installation and commissioning were completed in 3 hours. The installer was highly satisfied with such a fast installation. For him it is important to install the systems easily and quickly. Before moving on to the next appointments and customers.