Off-grid home for a family of seven

With GREENROCK saltwater battery storage

A family of 7 chooses a very special house for living off-grid in Menen, Belgium, not far from the French border. They live in a glass house like a greenhouse. The family opted for a glass construction to use maximum solar energy. The unusual house was officially opened in 2019.

Details about the project

The house offers 10.8 kWp glass-integrated photovoltaic panels. Additionally, there comes in lots of sun light and warming rays through the high glass fronts. A 20kWh GREENROCK saltwater battery storage provides power during the night hours and makes living off-grid possible. The family opted for a single-phase storage system with a maximum output of 7.2 kW. Thus, the supply for electrical devices is available over hours. A GREENROCK battery offers 100% of depth of discharge.

Glashouse a really special home for living off-grid with a family of seven


The next step is to install a wind turbine. In the winter months it will provide the house with additional energy for the air and water heat pump for heating and hot water supply.

The challenge in the project was that a family with five children can live in a self-sufficient house, without grid connection.

The pictures below show the PV panels integrated in the glass structure of the house and the 20 kWH GREENROCK Home battery storage system.

PV Panels


What does the architect say about the GREENROCK Saltwater battery?

The architect of the glass house gives an interview:

“The reason why we went for saltwater batteries is that they are filled with an unlimited material of our planet – saltwater.
When the saltwater on this planet runs out, then…” He keeps the sentence unfinished and allows some speculations.
“In terms of production, life cycle and end-of-life, these batteries do not pose any risk to human health or the environment, as they use non-hazardous and non-toxic materials and are fully recyclable.
The capacity and other usage characteristics of the saltwater battery are almost identical to those of the other batteries.
The batteries are maintenance-free.
In short, the ideal choice for our bio-ecological autonomous greenhouse home.”