We are offering Webinars about GREENROCK saltwater batteries. How does it work? How to calculate the right size of your energy storage system? How to install a GREENROCK battery system? What is an Energy management system for? Those and lots of more questions we answer in our webinars. Click on your preferred webinar titles and register now.

Participants taking part in all four webinars are entitled to answer a test for becoming a certified GREENROCK partner. Just let us know if you intend to do so, and we will pass all documentation to you. Contact: [email protected]

Dutch and French-speaking webinars are linked here in the bottom paragraph.

Content of the Webinars

GREENROCK saltwater batteries – introduction and technical overview

Learn more about saltwater based energy storage and their advantages.

  • Product presentation
  • Technical details about GREENROCK saltwater batteries
  • Comparison saltwater / lead / Lithium storage
  • GREENROCK Home, Business systems or stacks and combiner box – which solution fits best for you

Installation of saltwater battery stacks and all over systems

Learn more about set up of saltwater batteries and the correct installation of your storage systems GREENROCK Home and Business.

How to set up the batteries:

  • Inverters
  • Combiner box
  • SOC status

How to dimension a saltwter battery storage

What’s the right size of a battery storage.  Learn how to make calculations about dimensions of the system.

  • Terminology: self consumption, self-sufficiency
  • Potential for increase of self-consumption
  • Design of systems
    o PV system
    o Internal consumption
    o Correct storage size
  • Results

GREENROCK EMS and it’s features

What is an energy management system for? How a GREENROCK EMS can improve self consumption.

  • load shifting
  • visualization of loads
  • integrate heating elements, wireless sockets, e-car charging stations

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