Off-grid warehouse for potato farm. 

In Belgium a warehouse in rural area without any grid connection is supplied by 10 kWh saltwater batteries. A potato farmer decided to go for a diesel generator and saltwater batteries for his off-grid power supply.

The fresh harvest of potatoes is stored in the hall. Adequate ventilation is important to ensure the quality of the potatoes. Power for ventilation, lighting and electric garage doors comes from a 45 kVA diesel generator and GREENROCK saltwater batteries.


The battery storage is set-up with three inverters each 5kVA. In a next step the saltwater batteries will be expanded to a total of 30kWh of capacity. A power of 9000 watts will be available. Furthermore the farmer is planning the installation of photovoltaic panels. These are coupled with the batteries on DC side. PV, GREENROCK saltwater storage and generator work off-grid as an island system.


GREENROCK and its intelligent energy management system control the generator. Once the state of charge (SOC) is low, the batteries are charged by the diesel generator. For ventilation of the hall there is needed lots of power. The generator provides for these loads.