Latest US storage installation

Latest and largest GREENROCK storage installation in the USA is a 90 kWh storage system. The installation with safe and environmentally friendly saltwater batteries meets the guidelines of “Living Building Challenge”.

BlueSky USA installed its first plug & play 90 kWh storage system for a professional firm in the Western United States. The client was determined to reduce their carbon footprint. They meet the highest clean energy standards in the industry. So the firm sought out GREENROCK batteries as its energy storage solution.

What’s so special about the storage installation?

90 kWh is the largest system BlueSky USA has completed in the States. Plus, every component of the installation is complying with the strict guidelines of the “Living Building Challenge.” This is a program designed to set a precedent for the potential of sustainable design and building. Each element in the GREENROCK system had to meet their strict environmental impact standards—down to the color coating on the wire. Learn more about Living Building Challenge.

Delivery and set-up of the battery system

delivery batteries

discharge batteries

set-up batteries

Objectives for the storage system

The client clearly wished to adhere to these standards of Living Building Challenge. Therefore, the BlueSky USA-team underwent arduous product detail sourcing. As far as we know it is the first battery system in the world of its size to fully meet the criteria. For the firm, these batteries are used as an emergency backup for their server room and all of the IT functions. If the grid goes out, the computers, the servers, and the heart of the company’s functioning, will remain intact.

The USA team is proud of what the system means for clean energy storage in the region. Further, we see a great potential of similar, high-standard installations with saltwater batteries in the future.

USA Installation