Truck garage relies on solar power

45 kWh GREENROCK Business storage system

In northern Germany, a 45 kWh GREENROCK Business storage system supplies a truck garage with solar power. The recently installed saltwater battery storage stores solar power and supplies the workshop.

Two photovoltaic systems with 25 kWp and 34.6 kWp supply green power for the workshop. For this purpose, PV modules are located on two hall roofs in east-west orientation. The modules supply energy for compressors, tyre machine, brake test stand, flow heater, administration building and server. To enable the workshop to use as much of its own solar power as possible, a 45 kWh GREENROCK storage supplements the PV. The customer made sure that the storage  takes over emergency power supply in case of a blackout of the energy provider.

PV Panels

Setting up and installing the storage system

The saltwater battery storage is located in the service hall. An elevated mezzanine floor provides space for an open technical room. Since saltwater batteries are neither flammable nor combustible, this location of installation is possible. The team of electric engineering André Schröder carried out the installation of photovoltaics and storage.

45kWh Business


Steps towards a sustainable energy future

The truck service station has been implementing extensive measures of environmental protection and renewable energies for years. Here are some milestones of the past years:

2013: Energy-saving lighting concept with motion sensors and LED lights

2014: First photovoltaic system with kWh 25kWp. On summer days, the solar power already supplied 100 percent of the own demand during the sunny hours.

2015: Fully electronic system for filling engine and transmission oils

From 2018, extensive energetic renovation of the building.

2020: Installation of an additional photovoltaic system with 34.6 kWp and 45 kWh GREENROCK saltwater power storage. Green power from the sun stored in green batteries.

Why is GREENROCK a green battery?

Saltwater batteries are safe and environmentally friendly. They do not contain any toxic materials and are made of frequently occurring raw materials. Saltwater batteries are neither flammable nor combustible. They can be used in a wide temperature range from – 5° Celsius to + 50°Celsius and provide a reliable and constant power supply for hours. All GREENROCK systems are designed for emergency power and off-grid power supply.