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We looked over the shoulders of our employees in production. Exciting! These and even more work steps are necessary before our safe and environmentally friendly power storage systems are ready for shipment. They come along as turnkey solutions in our Home and Business product lines.

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What comes along with a GREENROCK battery storage?

GREENROCK salt water batteries, inverters, cabling, fuses and a smart energy management system (EMS) are part of the storage system. Compared to a car, the battery is the engine. In order to reach the desired destination, it still needs tires, steering wheel and much more. Similar to the GREENROCK storage systems, only the interaction of the individual components makes the GREENROCK a comprehensive storage solution.

Our customers appreciate the easy installation on site.

Production site

The location for manufacturing the GREENROCK Saltwater batteries is in Austria, Vöcklamarkt. In the neighboring town of Frankenburg we will soon start cell production for the salt water batteries.