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This week we present our lab. Also, there we were allowed some insights with our camera. Our chemists work on the composition of the GREENROCK saltwater batteries.


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Latest achievements

With starting our own cell production in Austria, we are using a newly developed electrode process. This allows us to increase the efficiency of the battery and achieve easier and faster handling in the workflow. For more information, see our press release of 9 September 2020, click here for the German press release.

Further, we succeeded in reducing the size of the battery units. In the future we are able to deliver modules with 17.5 kg. On site the installer sets them up to the formerly known standard size. This simplifies all work steps and protects the backs of our installers and employees. On behalf of everyone involved in the construction and assembly of the GREENROCK systems, we would like to thank our research team in the laboratory.

Already 500 small investors make these development steps possible

So far, around 500 small investors are taking part. Together we are implementing cell production in Austria. In this way we create regional added value and high-quality jobs in the country. Interested people speaking German can still participate until 30th of September 2020. We are issuing 1,500 participation rights at 1,000 euros. Here you find more information on the  participation rights in German.