Video clip 4

Watch how we are preparing our GREENROCK saltwater batteries for shipment. Our employees in the magazin are doing packaging and preparations for shipment.


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Advantage: shipment and storage

There is one big advantage in saltwater batteries. Due to their specifications they are non-combustible and non-explosive. They do not contain toxic materials. Therefore, saltwater batteries are shipped as non-hazardous goods. In the contrary to lithium-ion or lead-batteries they are not classified as dangerous goods or ADR. This is valid for road, sea and air transports.

Regarding shipping costs this is an important advantage. Forwarding agencies and magazines appreciate the easy and simple handling of our batteries.

Increased delivery volume

We are happy about increasing order volume for our GREENROCK storage systems. In order follow the increased order volume we decided to bring cell manufacturing from Asia to Austria. Taking that decision we are able to tenfold our current capacities.

Thomas Krausse

Our managing director Thomas Krausse talks about cell-production in Austria. Watch the video.

Thanks to 500 small investors

500 small investors are joining us. Together we work on energy transition and make the local production feasible. Participation is possible till 30th of September 2020. German-speaking people can take part (legally due to a German contract). Here you can find out more.