The owner of a single family home in Limoges, France is happy about his sustainable energy concept. We present the first GREENROCK installation in France.

Family France

Consumption reduced by 50 percent

Today the family has an annual consumption of 5,000 kWh. Some time ago this was quite different. An annual consumption of 12,000 kWh was common for the French family. Then the owner of the house renovated his home. Due to the insulation of the walls the energy balance of the home improved. Andres, the homeowner is pleased how quickly these improvements have a positive effect on the household budget.

Photovoltaic and Storage

In addition to the insulation of the home, the family added a small PV with 2,5 kw peak. Excess solar power which is not directly consumed is transferred to the 5 kWh GREENROCK saltwater power storage. This enables the family to use their own green power at night. Solar power from photovoltaic and GREENROCK Home Storage is the main energy source for the house. In addition, there is still a connection to the local grid supplier. Thus, the family is triple secured.


PV France

El Smartgrid, our local partner did the installation in France.

Smart EMS

An intelligent energy management system (EMS) is integrated in every GREENROCK storage system. This allows the house owner to see how much power is supplied by the PV and how much storage capacity is still available to him. Radio sockets, can be easily integrated. They switch on the washing machine or dishwasher when sufficient solar power is available. Mr. Andres goes one step further. He has even adapted his daily routine to the sun. “I bake the tarte at lunchtime, so we use most of the energy when the sun is shining.

EMS France

The overview of the EMS shows the battery is charged up to 75 percent.

In the press

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