Car workshop with sun power

Self-consumption at a level of 80 percent

Austria: 67 PV modules mounted on the roof and on the building façade provide sun power for the car workshop. In total, 111 m² are used for the PV-modules. The workshop consumes the energy generated and surplus energy flows into the GREENROCK saltwater storage system for the night hours. The 20 kWh storage, photovoltaic system and a planned heat pump make lead to a self-consumption of 80 percent.

Video Autohaus

Watch the German video.

Installer Ingo Wucherer is GREENROCK partner and did the installation. “Till now the workshop had an energy bill of yearly 7.000 Euro. Now they reduce their bill by 3.000 Euro. Plus, their carbon-footprint decreases by 10.000 kg a year.”

EU funding project

Thanks to an EU-funding project the region in the western part of Austria receives 10 million euros over a period of 10 years. The funds will be used to stimulate private investment. A particular focus is on renewable energies and the development of expertise in the region. About halfway through the funding period, 69 million euro of private investment could be triggered. These investments strengthen the economy in the region. For the project presented above, the PV system will receive 25 percent funding and the storage facility even 70 percent.

In the press

Here you find more pictures and a German press clipping.