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GREENROCK – the saltwater battery

Join our webinars and learn more about BlueSky Energy and our safe and environmentally friendly GREENROCK saltwater batteries. What’s the product line? How do they work? How to install and comission saltwater batteries. These and more topics we talk about in our Webinars.


26th of November 2020, Thursday:  GREENROCK Product information. Link for registration.

03rd of December 2020, Thursday: Installation and Comissioning. Link for registration.


Topics we adress in the Webinar GREENROCK Product information.

  • BlueSky Energy – who we are and what we stand for
  • Saltwater batteries – how they work and their advantages
  • Product range of GREENROCK: Home, Business, Stacks and Combiner box
  • References
  • answering your questions

In the second webinar Installation and Comissioning we talk about:

  • How to install a GREENROCK saltwater battery
  • Technical knowledge about installation and comissioning
  • answering questions

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