Vigos – the outdoor power storage

The weather-resistand battery, defying wind, rain and frost

Produktvorstellung Vigos Video

Watch the video

Managing director Thomas Krausse presenting Vigos – the outdoor power storage in the video-clip. Vigos has a comfort zone from -30 °C to +50 °C. The ready-to-connect all-over system offers high power and includes a high-quality energy management system. With that Vigos operates in a wide field of applications.


Next to outdoor – what else is Vigos for?

We summarize three best practice applications for Vigos and its high-end EMS (energy management system)

  • Cutting peaks
  • Off-grid, island mode and black start capability
  • Dynamic laod management for E-cars

Cutting peaks

cutting peaks

Vigos covers short-term power peaks. So, you can choose a smaller grid connection and save money.

Off-grid, island mode and blackstart capability

Vigos offers power supply during an eventual black-out of the mains grid, if the system is DC coupled to the photovoltaics. Within 20 milliseconds Vigos switches to off-grid or island operation. In case of a long term black-out Vigos starts up the PV-system as soon as the sun is coming out after a long and dark night. (=blackstart capability). Only a few storage systems offer such an included function.

Dynamic management of charging stations

Vigos integrates several charging stations from different brands. Further, you can set priorities (such as fast-charging options) for premium customers.

Learn more – Webinars

We offer online webinars to become a certified Vigos Partner.

December, 10  (Thursday) 2pm (Austria = UTC+1) Sales  (1h) Register here

December, 17 (Thursday) 3:30pm (Austria = UTC+1) Technic (2h) register here

For German Webinars – click here

Agenda Sales Webinar: 

– Carbocap Technology and general information about VIGOS
– Comparison of battery technologies
– VIGOS system sizes and facilities
– AC, DC coupling or combination of AC/DC
– pricing
– becoming a VIGOS partner
– Answering your Questions from the rhat room


Agenda Technical Webinar: 

– Technical information about VIGOS
– Specifications
– Set-up of a system
– Installation & Commissioning
– Partner Portal and online access
– Answering your questions from the chat