Learn more about Vigos and GREENROCK in our webinars.

We offer trainings for Vigos – the outdoor power storage and GREENROCK – the saltwater battery. With our webinars we present both products to you.


December, 10  (Thursday) 2pm (Austria = UTC+1) general and sales (1h) Register here

December, 17 (Thursday) 3:30pm (Austria = UTC+1) Technical aspects (2h) register here


GREENROCK Product information. Watch the video from November 26th

Installation and Commissioning. Watch the video from December 3rd


What’s in it? What’s the training for?


Topics we address in the Webinar GREENROCK Product information.

  • BlueSky Energy – who we are and what we stand for
  • Saltwater batteries – how they work and their advantages
  • Product range of GREENROCK: Home, Business, Stacks and Combiner box
  • References
  • answering your questions

In the second webinar Installation and Commissioning we talk about:

  • How to install a GREENROCK saltwater battery
  • Technical knowledge about installation and comissioning
  • answering questions

technischer Support

Agenda Vigos Sales Webinar: 

– Carbocap Technology and general information about Vigos
– Comparison of battery technologies
– VigosS system sizes and facilities
– AC, DC coupling or combination of AC/DC
– pricing
– becoming a Vigos partner
– Answering your Questions from the rhat room


Agenda Vigos Technical Webinar: 

– Technical information about Vigos
– Specifications
– Set-up of a system
– Installation & Commissioning
– Vigos EMS
– Partner Portal and online access
– Answering your questions from the chat

For German webinars click here