Award winner:  innovative energy solutions

Apartment Buildings with GREENROCK saltwater batteries

Congratulations to our partner Michael Metz. He is award winner for innovative energy solutions in Hessen/Germany. On November 19, 2020 he officially received the award.

Already in September 2020 the inauguration of the two apartment buildings took place. A great project that we would like to introduce to you. Several families are moving into the new flats with a total living space of 750 m². The houses are supplied with solar power from PV surfaces on the roof and the façade. A GREENROCK saltwater storage supplies the flats with sun power during the night.

Häuser Solms

Solms Mehrfamilienhäuser

Apartment buildings – The project in detail:

Both houses are of timber frame construction with untreated solid wood ceilings. The walls consist of main support, installation level and soft fibre board and cellulose insulation.

A 16 kW heat pump with a 500 litre buffer storage tank (for each house) supplies underfloor heating and cooling. Controlled ventilation with recovery ensures a good indoor climate and a positive energy balance. 77 kWpeak photovoltaic modules supply the homes with solar power. The modules are mounted on the roof, on the balcony and on the facade on all four sides.

A 30 kWh GREENROCK saltwater power storage optimises self-consumption and supplies the flats with solar power even at night.

vor dem Speicher

At the opening in the apartment building: from left to right: Michael Metz as GREENROCK partner, Mrs. Catharina Horn (Landesenergie-Anstalt Hessen) and Dr. Justus Brans (Hessian Ministry of Economics)

Why a GREENROCK salt water power storage

For Michael Metz, his focus is on ecological building. All components, from masonry to energy supply, should interlink in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner. Good building insulation pays for this just as much as the supply of solar energy. “In my building project I was looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable battery technology. In the process I came across the GREENROCK saltwater batteries. The technology convinced me immediately”. So Michael Metz. His next construction project is already in the planning stage. It is a residential building with 14 flats.

During the construction phase

Bauphase Solms

In September 2019, TV station ARD Hessen reported on the forward-looking project.