Off-Grid in the Alps

Weather all-rounder Vigos ensures reliable off- grid in the Austrian Alps

The Vigos electricity storage system helps to create an off- grid for a farm in the Alps that is not connected to the power grid and thus secures the power supply.

Completely isolated from the outside world, Jürgen Kienbink and his 20 employees run a farm and forestry operation.

Fluctuations in the power supply

Since the line of the public power grid does not reach the farm, he resorts to a hydroelectric power plant. This provides him with electricity for the farm and his private home.

Nevertheless, power fluctuations and outages occur frequently, for which a solution must be found.

The top priority for Jürgen Kienbink is a reliable, environmentally friendly and secure power supply that he can rely on. He would also like to integrate the existing power supply and compensate for previous voltage fluctuations.

Permanent and reliable off- grid for Kienbink and his farm

source: Jürgen Kienbink

The farm operator contacted our partner Elektrotechnik Schiffner. With their help, Kienbink found the perfect solution for himself, his 6,000 free-range chickens, his Scottish Highland cattle, his goats, pigs and horses – namely our VIGOS outdoor electricity storage system.

This is a complete off- grid solution, that will provide its own electricity in the future with the help of an eleven-kilowatt solar power system (PV system). Thanks to the appropriate circuitry (DC coupling), the storage unit is able to operate completely self-sufficiently and even to start itself up from a switched-off state. This process is called black start.

This creates a separate power circuit between the VIGOS power storage & the solar system which is completely independent of the public power grid – perfect for Jürgen Kienbink and his farm.

Integrated energy management system intelligently regulates power flows

The storage system is supplied with preconfigured power electronics and an integrated energy management system that intelligently regulates the power flows.

The energy management system is particularly important for the farm, as ventilation of the stables must be ensured at all times. This is because the animals must be protected from hunting animals such as foxes and wolves. Thanks to the intelligent management system, this can be guaranteed.

In addition, if necessary, the storage unit is also able to be charged with the emergency generator. This can also be controlled easily with the energy management system.


VIGOS – High performance requirement due to safety, service life and outdoor installation

The VIGOS has a high power requirement and a service life of up to 20,000 cycles. This is ideal for agriculture. It can be charged and discharged several times a day without any problems. This means that Jürgen Kienbink can easily cap load peaks in daily operations. The storage tank can also be placed outside what enables him to withstand all weather conditions. It has been tested and can withstand temperatures from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees without any problems.

For the yard operator, the most important thing is the safety of the working and living environment. Since our VIGOS is neither flammable nor combustible, we can meet Mr. Kienbink’s requirements.

Commissioning April 2021

The electrical engineering company Schiffner will commission a 24 kilowatt-hour ready-to-connect VIGOS probably April this year on the farm of Jürgen Kienbink.

An expansion to 96 kilowatt-hours is possible without any problems. The VIGOS can also be combined with our business solutions from GREENROCK.

In the following video, the topic of Off Grid is briefly explained once again.