Secured power supply for family businesses with VIGOS Outdoor power storage system

VIGOS Outdoor Electricity Storage Provides Secure Power Supply for a Farm in Lower Austria

The family business from Lower Austria with a farm, stables, beehives, distillery and two private houses plans to increase its own consumption with a Vigos Outdoor electricity storage system.

The farmer wants a sustainable and secure power supply. PV and storage are to be integrated into the individual buildings on the farm before the grid connection is branched off. This way, all areas can be equally supplied with solar power. Since the grid connection point is some distance from the farm, it is of particular advantage that the Vigos storage is weatherproof and outdoor capable. It is not necessary to construct a new building for storage and grid distribution.

Our partner Elektrotechnik Schiffner from Berndorf advises the customer in the implementation of his project.

The storage facility is to ensure a reliable power supply for the distillery, the stables and the two private houses. This would save the family around 16,300 kilowatt hours of electricity, as previously this had to be bought in.

Vigos is island-capable and supplies the farm and homes with energy even in the event of a grid failure.


Even in the event of a power failure, the power supply for the farm is secured by the VIGOS Outdoor Power Storage

In the event of a power failure lasting several days, the storage unit is able to start up independently of the public power grid, starting from the switched-off state, and thus keep the PV system running. In turn, the PV system would then refill the storage unit, creating a cycle that keeps itself running completely. The power electronics have been tested by BlueSky Energy and reliably handle the so-called black start. The accumulator is able to switch to a completely separate circuit within 20 milliseconds to supply the consumer in island mode. If the storage tank is completely discharged and the sun is not shining at that moment, the storage tank simply switches off the solar system. If the sun shines again, the system is put back into operation by the VIGOS. For this purpose, the storage unit is DC-coupled with the PV system.

All these are decisive factors to choose the weather all-rounder VIGOS.

Saving space due to outdoor installation

The company would like to supply both the company and stable buildings as well as the two single-family houses with electricity and thus secure them. Since the lines of the three buildings meet outdoors, only a storage system that can also be installed outdoors and still provide the desired power without being dependent on the weather conditions comes into question. This saves valuable indoor space that can be used for other things.

Cost savings through outdoor installation

Thanks to our VIGOS, the family would save costs for indoor placement, building permits and the other expenses.

Also for the electric company, not only the bureaucratic effort is significantly reduced. Thanks to the simple structure in terms of the system, no specific expertise is required for commissioning.

Below is another video on the topic of “peak shaving”.