Independence in case of a blackout

Cel 3050 grants independence in case of a blackout from the public power grid

For Mr. Heese’s retirement residence, he built a ground-level, senior-friendly bungalow without a basement near Leipzig in 2019. In addition, a heat pump, 15 kWp glass PV modules from CS Wismar plus a 3kW wind turbine will be installed to generate own electricity and be independent from the power grid. The glass glass modules allow to get no voltage losses on the roof. To store the profit from PV and wind energy, he had our partner Riwa Leipzig install a three-phase 20 kWh  Cel-3050 electricity storage system with 6 kW capacity.

Why Cel-3050 of all things?

The Cel-305o power storage unit has a high number of cycles. It can also be charged and discharged several times a day. Through PV and wind power, Heese knows how to optimize his own consumption with the help of the Cel-3050 to become a self-supplier who is completely independent of the grid provider. The so-called “zero feed” function is used to use the generated power from the PV system exclusively for self-consumption. No power has to be fed into the utility network. In addition, no additional insulation is required for the installation site, as the spoke can easily withstand temperature ranges from -30 to + 50 degrees Celsius. The storage unit is installed in a basement that is accessible from the outside and built for this purpose.

The included energy management system integrates PV, wind power and heat pump intelligently and efficiently.

Excavation basement

Reasons from Heese for the decision for a Cel-3050

Decisive reasons for the owner of the log home are, on the one hand, the independence from energy suppliers and grid operators described above and, on the other hand, zero feed-in. “My goal is to achieve maximum self-consumption and the greatest possible self-sufficiency,” says Heese. In addition, the storage system should have a long service life with high cycles. Another plus is that the European product is safe and sustainable. The cells are not flammable.