“Kommunal Austria” reports

The “Kommunal” is an Austrian trade journal published monthly and aimed at regional municipalities. It serves as an information tool for mayors, deputy mayors, executive municipal councillors, heads of offices and other inter-municipal bodies.

Austrian trade journal reports together with the managing directors of BlueSky Energy

We are very happy to be part of this magazine from now on. We say “thank you” for the great article that came about as a result.

The article deals with the topic of blackout. The managing directors “Thomas Krausse” and “Helmut Mayer” of BlueSky Energy report on the blackout scenario and its possible consequences. In addition, enery storage exercise solutions are presented using the GREENROCK and Vigos products.

Read more about this topic in the original german article “Can municipalities secure their critical infrastructure?” from Kommunal.  We have summarized the most important aspects of the article below.

The “blackout” horror scenario

Everyone knows it: suddenly all the lights in the house go out, the TV or radio go silent, the mobile phone no longer charges – power failure. Usually it doesn’t last long and the power is back on after a few minutes. But what if the outage is national or even Europe-wide – the consequences would be unthinkable. Unthinkable because electricity is an essential part of our lives. If there were no electricity, there would be no operation of vital equipment in hospitals, for example, and electronic means of payment would no longer work, which would mean that shops would have to close. Pumps for drinking water and wastewater supply and disposal would stand still. Heating and cooling systems would also fail.

These few examples alone show that we are dependent on electricity. (Electricity) is also traded from an economic point of view. There must be a balance between supply and demand. But that is exactly what makes things complicated. In January this year, a Europe-wide power blackout was not far away. The reason was the failure of a power plant in Croatia. Massive fluctuations occurred in the power grid. These effects brought about considerable frequency fluctuations, which could lead to a chain reaction that would cause the lights to go out all over Europe. It would take up to two weeks to get everything up and running again.

Finding the right storage

To be prepared for such a scenario, a power storage unit can be used. Depending on the model, energy storage units can be used for emergency power supply. In addition, you can optimize your own consumption to save electricity costs. The storage unit creates a self-sufficient power circuit and the supply is secured.

To find the right storage unit, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Emergency power capability
  • Island capability/off-grid installations
  • Load shedding and operation of defined consumers

The installation site also plays an important role in the selection of a storage unit.

Leasing and financing models are now also available.

Municipal fair in Tulln on 15/16.09.2021

Every year, the municipal fair is held in one of the nine Austrian provinces. With over 200 exhibitors from various industries, the fair offers an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange between business, science and municipal representatives.

BlueSky Energy as part of the municipal fair

BlueSky Energy Kommunal

Source: Municipal Fair

In Hall 3, BlueSky Energy will be presenting its safe and sustainable storage solutions and will be happy to provide detailed information on all aspects of energy storage.