Alius brings the safest and most durable battery and top inverter brand together

Greenrock saltwater battery now compatible with SolarEdge 3 phase inverter.

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Source: Alius Energy BV


Alius Energy und BlueSky Energy

Alius Energy meets BlueSky Energy in Frankenburg, Austria

We are pleased about the excellent cooperation with Alius and Solar Edge. This has resulted in a new product for the Dutch and Belgian market: The Greenrock saltwater battery in combination with the SolarEdge three phase inverter.

Read more in the Alius press release from May, 4th:

Alius brings, in cooperation with ‘Greenrock saltwater battery’ manufacturer BlueSky Energy and SolarEdge Technologies, an innovative battery system that combines the saltwater battery’s sustainability benefits with SolarEdge’s industry-leading safety solutions. As of today it is possible to connect the Greenrock saltwater battery to SolarEdge’s StorEdge Three Phase Inverter. Also, in the SolarEdge’s Designer web-based tool the product combination is included for Belgium and the Netherlands.

Rising demand in the market

Last year there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for battery storage in combination with solar energy. Explanations for this are the changes in net metering, reduction of the feed-in tariff and the battery subsidy in Belgium. For the Netherlands, the planned phasing out of the net metering is an important cause. In 2019, Alius joined forces with Austria’s BlueSky Energy, manufacturer of the Greenrock saltwater battery. Niels Kleer, Commercial Director at Alius, says the following about this; ”We started looking for a storage technology that complements and deepens our product range, but also fits within our sustainable business philosophy. However, at the time it was not yet possible to connect the saltwater battery with SolarEdge’s DC-Optimized inverter technology. ”At Alius, we believe in SolarEdge’s technology. So last year we worked hard with both parties to make a Greenrock – SolarEdge product combination compatible.” indicates Kleer.

Alius played a major role

in establishing compatibility of Greenrock with SolarEdge, which went beyond just linking the two organizations together. The Eersel-based company took the lead in project meetings, research, testing of the necessary software and the creation, monitoring, and improvement of test setups. Sander van Osch, Manager Development at Alius says the following: ”In cooperation with Greenrock and SolarEdge extensive testing was done to ensure operation and quality. The result is that the Greenrock saltwater battery is now supported as a full battery by SolarEdge. An achievement of which we are all extremely proud.”
“Alius has again demonstrated their strong alignment with SolarEdge’s strategy and vision by bringing this innovative battery to the Benelux market and helping integrated PV generation and storage, “Says Amit Larom, VP & General Manager of SolarEdge West & North Europe. “The teams across all three companies have managed to create an innovative and efficient solution that addresses customer needs. We thank Greenrock and Alius for their effort and look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Alius to build on our vision of cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy.”

Thomas Krausse, Managing Director BlueSky Energy,

is pleased with the intensive cooperation with Alius and SolarEdge. ”We from BlueSky Energy are excited that leading players in the field of alternative energy like Alius and SolarEdge are using our environmentally friendly and safe saltwater batteries for their customer solutions.”


Greenrock’s battery systems compatibility with a SolarEdge StorEdge inverter are available exclusively from Alius. For now, the systems are only available for the Dutch and Belgian markets. Alius Product Specialist Frans van Spreuwel, one of the enthusiastic brains behind the link, will be providing both commercial and practical training soon. Also, for project engineering, on-site support for the first installation and aftercare of the battery system Alius is ready to help you.
Niels Kleer, Commercial Director at Alius; ” The new product combination offers homeowners and installers a very valuable, safe, and sustainable solution as a full alternative to regular lithium-ion batteries. With Greenrock and SolarEdge we can offer our customers the highest quality and safety.”