Self-sufficiency through Vigos

Weather Allrounder Vigos ensures self-sufficiency in the Austrian Alps

off the beaten path in Austria

Living Off-grid without connection to the mains

Completely isolated from the outside world, Jürgen Kienbink and his 20 employees run a farm and forestry in the Austrian Alps

With installing a Vigos energy storage he makes sure to self-supply his farm with power – also in future.

landscape and farm with offgrid-installation

Self-sufficiency through Vigos

Fluctuations in the power supply

Since the line of the public power grid does not reach the farm, he resorts to a hydroelectric power plant. This provides him with electricity for the farm and his private house. Now and then, the hydropower reaches its limits due to declining water levels.

Therefore, they had fluctuations and outages on the farm. A solution had to be found.

A top priority for Jürgen Kienbink is a reliable, environmentally friendly and safe power supply. He needs to rely on it and integrate the existing power supply to the upgraded system.

horses on the paddock

Permanent and reliable off-grid network for Kienbink and his farm

Installer Schiffner offers a suitable solution

The farmer contacted our partner Elektrotechnik Schiffner. With their help, Kienbink found the perfect solution for himself, his 6,000 free-range chicken, Scottish Highland cattle, goats, pigs and horses. They decided to upgrade with a 11 kWp photovoltaic system and a 24 kWh Vigos outdoor storage.  The PV installation was mounted on the stables.

top view PV installation

The off-grid system fully integrates hydropower, PV and energy storage and builds its own micro-grid. Thanks to DC coupling of the photovoltaics, the storage unit is able to operate completely self-sufficiently and even start up itself from a switched-off state. This process is called black start.

The off-grid power circuit is completely independent of the public power grid – perfect for Jürgen Kienbink and his farm.

Connecting to the local grid would have cost three-times the amount as he is investing now for the upgrade of his system. Digging the cables over the mountains for a distance of several kilometres would be that expansive.


Our partner ET-Schiffner did the installation and commissioning. Vigos  is placed on the second floor of the stables. They lifted the storage with a fork lift to the upper surroundings.

delivery on the 2nd floor

Vigos is designed for outdoor installations. The storage resists wind and weather. With this reference, the client decided to do the installation indoors. The stables are not insuleted and therefore, there is a wide temperature range to be expected during the seasons. Vigos copes with temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.

2 people installing Vigos

Integrated energy management system regulates power flows

The storage system comes with preconfigured power electronics and an integrated energy management system which smartly regulates the power flows.

The energy management system is particularly important for the farm.  Ventilation of the stables must be ensured at all times. This is because the animals are kept inside during the night in order to be protected from hunting animals such as foxes and wolves. The EMS makes sure that consumers in the stable get priority.

If there are only a few sunshine hours in winter time and the water level is down it might be that the storage will not be fully charged. In this case it is important to set priorities on important consumers.

As a further back-up in an off-grid installation one can integrate a diesel generator.

goat and chicken on the farm

VIGOS – High performance due to safety, service life and outdoor installation

Vigos offers high power and a service life of up to 20,000 cycles and is perfectly fitting for installations in agriculture. It can be charged and discharged several times a day. Thus, Jürgen Kienbink can easily cap peaks in daily operation. Outdoor installation is possible, and the storage is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can withstand temperatures from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees.

The most important thing for the farmer is safety in the working and living environment. Our Vigos is certified by UL-1973 standards and is neither flammable nor combustible. As a result, the requirements of Jürgen Kienbink are met.

Vigos - final installation

Advantages of the outdoor power storage unit Vigos at a glance:

  • Complete system ready for connection with carbocap technology
  • Temperature range from -30°C to +50°C
  • High charging and discharging performance
  • Mains-parallel operation, off-grid installation and black-start capable
  • Sustainable
  • IP45 protection class
  • Up to 20,000 cycles
  • High C-rate
  • Non-flammable*
  • Non-explosive*

* according to UL-1973

Carbocap technology

The term Carbocap Technology describes the CO2 reduction provided by the storage system. The above-mentioned advantages make the technology particularly sustainable due to its longevity. CO2 emissions (carbon) are capped, which is the derivation of the name Carbocap Technology.