WEBINAR: BlueSky Energy Profit participation rights information webinar – for all interested parties in profit participation rights for sustainable and secure storage solutions

The most important key data at a glance:

WHEN: Wednesday 22nd of September at 2:30 PM (CET+2 = Austria)

DURATION: Approximately one hour, 3:30 PM

WHERE: Online webinar via Zoom,

Investment Green Energy

  • You are looking for an investment into a green future?
  • You would like to profit directly from the company success?
  • You plan to go for an energy storage and an extra discount will add quite positive?

Then, the option for investing in  profit participation rights of BlueSky Energy might be of interest to you.

CONTENT: In the webinar, we present our company and products as well as financial background and details to your possible investment.
With profit-participation rights, we offer the option to benefit from the company success.
Your investment goes to development, production and worldwide sales of safe and sustainable battery technologies and storage solutions.
Learn about the key facts of profit-participation rights, and we answer your questions.

Profit Participation rights

We offer to participate in BlueSky Energy’s company success. With shares of 1,000 Euro, you can take part. Interests are bound to the annual profit of BlueSky Energy. The better we do, the higher your interests.

Additional bonus for early birds

To each share of participation rights, early investors will receive an additional discount when buying energy storage products from BlueSky Energy.

Download more information and contract:

Click here to download the document.

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A webinar in German will take place on Thursday 16th of September at 3pm (CET+2)  – Click here to register for German: