“Oeko-Institut e.V.” confirms:

“Used in a home storage system, the ingredients in the BlueSky saltwater battery pose no risk to humans or the environment.”

The “Oeko-Institut” is one of Europe’s leading independent research and consultancy organizations working for a sustainable future.

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Source: “Oeko-Institut e.V.”

“Oeko-Institut” tests batteries from BlueSky Energy

The “Oeko-Institut” in Freiburg has thoroughly tested the saltwater battery from BlueSky Energy. In the analysis “Evaluation of the BlueSky Saltwater Battery with regard to Toxicology and Recyclability”, an independent German institute confirms for the first time that the saltwater battery poses no risk to humans or the environment.

GR Home 10 kWh

The saltwater energy storage “Greenrock Home” Source: BlueSky Energy

Analysis of the entire life cycle

The analysis by the specialists from Freiburg contains the entire life cycle of the battery. The check started with the production of the battery cell made in Austria, through use by the end customer, to recycling at the end of the life cycle. Further, extreme scenarios such as external fire were taken into account in the analysis.

Objective analysis is important to BlueSky Energy

It was important to the team of BlueSky Energy that an independent, external institute conduct a rigorous, objective analysis of the technology. The environmental friendliness, safety and sustainability of the technology is at the core of BlueSky Energy’s corporate philosophy of storing “green energy” in a “green battery”.

Further development of battery technology

The saltwater battery technology developed in Austria is a further development of the “Aqueous Hybrid Ion – AHI” technology, which successfully underwent cradle-to-cradle certification for the Aquion company several years ago.


Source: BlueSky Energy

Who is “Öko-Institut e.V.”?

The “Oeko-Institut” is an independent research and consulting institution for a sustainable future. It is one of Europe’s leading institutes in this field. The “Oeko-Institut” researches, evaluates and advises in an open-ended and self-critical manner. It represents its ideas and findings independently of the positions of political and social organizations.

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