Austria’s energy history

A sustainable perspective

We were just travelling in Austria. The business trip led us past the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf. The peculiarity about this power plant is that it was never put into operation.

For us, an occasion to present this Austrian peculiarity and to think about energy supply.

Austria and nuclear power

Zwentendorf AKW

In the 70s, the first nuclear power plant was built in Zwentendorf. During the construction period of 10 years, resistance developed. Until it finally came to a referendum in 1978. Less than 60,000 votes tipped the scales. The decision was 49.53 % to 50.47 % against the nuclear power plant. Eight years before Chernobyl, Austria decided against nuclear power. The power plant had been completed, the fuel rods were never implemented, and Austria is free of nuclear power.

Energy Supply in Austria

Hydropower is a main pillar of Austria’s power supply. Wind energy and photovoltaics are a much smaller part. Zwentendorf now also supplies electricity – 100% solar power from the PV system on the site.

The future

The expansion of renewable energies is a topic for large energy suppliers, but also for private people. In addition to PV and wind energy, electricity storage systems are inseparable from a sustainable energy supply.

Every single contribution to energy transition counts. Zwentendorf proofs that fact. Here, every vote counted in the referendum.

AKW Zwentendorf

The memory of a formative time in Austrian energy history remains. Even if the power plant hides in the fog from time to time.