Reinhold Messner:

“Self-sufficient energy supply in the mountains of the world.”

With this quote, alpinist Reinhold Messner describes his strategy for sustainability.

We met Reinhold Messner

and talked about upcoming projects. Founder Hans-Jörg Weisskopf und CEO Thomas Krausse visited the Messners in the mountains of South Tyrol. Our goal for the first project is to implement a sustainable and clean energy supply on alpine pasture.

Reinhold Messner vor seine Hütte in Südtirols Bergen

Diane & Reinhold Messner, Hans-Jörg Weisskopf and Thomas Krausse in front of an alpine hut without any grid connection

What is important in the mountains?

In reference to electricity, the main goal is a minimum supply of electric energy. As there is no grid connection, the only source of power is a small PV installation. An additional battery storage supplies energy during evening and early morning hours. Consumers such as a lamp, fridge, stove and a radio get supply from the energy storage system.

Power supply is a precious commodity, not only in Europe’s mountains. Reinhold Messner is particularly committed to the Himalayan regions in his projects.

With his Messner Mountain Foundation and a Start-Up with Messner Mountain Heritage he supports schools, health clinics and, above all, the people in Pakistan and Nepal.

“We are looking forward to joint projects and sustainable energy solutions for remote areas of the world.” Hans-Jörg Weisskopf

What Messner stands for

He is primarily known as a rock climber, high-altitude mountaineer and border crosser. Reinhold Messner is much more. After his time as a politician and explorer, he is now a mountain farmer, museum designer and filmmaker. His values are about sustainability in the relationship between man, nature and wilderness, about living a self-determined life.

Commitment to the sustainable use of nature

Reinhold Messner is the 2021 winner of the international TÜV Rheinland Global Compact Awards. The press release on the award reports on Messner’s commitment to sustainable interaction with the natural areas and mountain peoples of our planet. Messner works with a focus on the present and the future in order to preserve and protect our planet for us and our descendants – so the press release.