Sustainability with Greenrock

The Nature House in the “Ammergau Alps” Nature Park was created in a matter of the heart

The operators of the “Naturhaus“, Claudia and Johannes Kästel, focus on sustainability in all areas. The house can be rented as a holiday home and is perfect for simply switching off and getting to know nature in its purest form.

The Nature House

During the construction of the natural house, the topic of environment and sustainability was without exception in the foreground from the beginning to the completion. In addition to the use of untreated wood, other natural materials (including natural stone and clay) were used. Glue or other preservatives were completely dispensed – for the sake of nature. In addition to dispensing with environmentally harmful materials, the Naturhaus also pursues the idea of being in harmony with nature in another direction. The renunciation of electronic devices, especially entertainment electronics, i.e. TV sets and PCs, completes the concept.  The solid wooden walls and shielded electrical cables mean that the house is almost free of radiation and electro smog.

Das Naturhaus

Climate protection and sustainability measures

  • PV system to generate electricity from the sun + commissioning of a GREENROCK saltwater energy storage system
  • Additional purchase of green energy
  • Use of rainwater for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden irrigation
  • Use of ecological detergents and cleaning agents
  • Raised beds and greenhouse with home-grown vegetables/lettuce
  • Waste savings through conscious purchasing
  • Up to 10 % discount on the price of accommodation when travelling by train
  • and much more


GREENROCK storage complements the overall concept

Greenrock Speicher

In addition to the generation of energy through renewables, the point of energy storage is also a big issue. Valuable energy should not be wasted senselessly, but used efficiently – and preferably as environmentally consciously as possible. For the operators of the Nature House, it was immediately clear that a GREENROCK salt water energy storage system is the best and most sustainable choice for storing surplus energy. Another added value is that the storage unit is manufactured regionally, namely in Upper Austria. The electrical company Elektro und Solartechnik Mittermeier GmbH from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) installs a three-phase GREENROCK Home storage unit with 7.5 kWh. Additionally, the family placed a single phase 5 kWh storage system from BlueSky Energy at their private home.

Thanks to everyone involved for the inspiring cooperation and this great overall concept.