Carbocap Technology 

A strong technology 

The term, Carbocap Technology, describes the CO2 reduction by the storage system. The advantages make the technology particularly sustainable due to its long service life. CO2 emission (informally carbon) is capped, hence the name Carbocap Technology.


  • Safe: non-combustible, non-flammable*

  • Sustainable

  • Wide temperature range (-30°C to +50°C)

  • High C-rate

  • Cycle stability – multiple cycles a day are possible

  • 20,000 cycles

* in accordance with UL-1973


In a Carbocap storage system the lithium ions cannot react with the electrode, even in the event of mechanical damage – this means that thermal runaway is not possible. Carbocap is a safe technology, which is neither combustible nor flammable.

Why we present this technology to you:

  • From our many years of experience with batteries and power storage we know the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies.

  • There is no one, ultimate technology for all applications. Besides its convincing strengths, also saltwater batteries have their weak points. More information on that topic you can find in our cost comparison of battery storage from 2018.

  • The Carbocap Technology complements where the saltwater batteries reach their limits. These are applications where high power is needed in short time and where (even more than with salt water batteries) a wide temperature range is important

Storage technologies compared

An overview of different technologies.

comparison battery technology

We use Carbocap Technology for Vigos – The Outdoor Power Storage. Vigos is designed for operating in rain, frost and heat.

Carbocap Technology within
Vigos Outdoor Power Storage

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What’s behind it? – The scientific part

In our storage systems with Carbocap Technology we use lithium titanate cells. These are non-flammable and non-combustable according to UL-1973 certification. They offer a high C-rate and therefore high performance. With 20,000 cycles this technology leads in comparison with other cells.  Several cycles per day are possible and the longevity of the cells makes them particularly sustainable. During the lifetime of an lithium titanate cell, other cells would have to be replaced twice.

The following graphic shows the features of the cells used.

Grafik LTO

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In 2018, TU (University of Technology) Graz compared different lithium-ion batteries and presented the outcome at an symposium. The electrode types considered were lithium iron phosphate (LFP), lithium titanate (LTO), lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC), lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA) and lithium manganese oxide (LMO).

Here we briefly present an extract of the results. You can find the complete paper here: Ecological and Economic Performance Stationary Li-Ion Battery Storage, 15th Symposium Energy Innovation, February 14-16, 2018 Graz University of Technology.

Environmental Criteria

The following table shows the acidification potential (AP) and human toxicity potential (HTP) according to a study “Ecological and Economic Performance of Stationary Li-Ion Battery Storage” by the University of Technology, Graz: We use lithium titanate cells for the Carbocap Technology. These are shown in yellow in the graphs.

relative environmental impact %

Surplus, and additional comparison of the different cell technologies:

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BlueSky Energy expands its portfolio.

With Vigos we expand our product portfolio. Depending on the field of application we offer the appropriate solution. GREENROCK – The saltwater battery remains our ecological favorite.

Advantages for our partners:

  • One supplier (BlueSky Energy) – and various solutions

  • One contact person – different application areas

  • Installation and comissioning is based on the BlueSky Energy system. Knowing GREENROCK you will quickly find your way around with Vigos … and of course, the other way round.

  • Reduced training time through formerly established cooperation and installations

  • Safety and sustainability are important to us. The Carbocap Technology scores points on that side.

Get to know the Vigos – Outdoor Power Storage.

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