Red Bull Flight Day Vienna

2021-09-28T08:37:46+02:0028th. September, 2021|

Red Bull Flight Day 2021 in Vienna Green Energy for a green Event Summer feeling, ingenious flying objects, party, show and live acts - That all was Red Bull Flight Day in Vienna 2021. We were present for two purposes: A Vigos outdoor power storage added to the events' energy concept. We took off for read more

energy history

2021-09-20T11:20:29+02:0020th. September, 2021|

Austria's energy history A sustainable perspective We were just travelling in Austria. The business trip led us past the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf. The peculiarity about this power plant is that it was never put into operation. For us, an occasion to present this Austrian peculiarity and to think about energy supply. Austria and nuclear read more

Self-sufficiency through Vigos

2021-07-12T10:13:19+02:006th. July, 2021|

Self-sufficiency through Vigos Weather Allrounder Vigos ensures self-sufficiency in the Austrian Alps Living Off-grid without connection to the mains Completely isolated from the outside world, Jürgen Kienbink and his 20 employees run a farm and forestry in the Austrian Alps With installing a Vigos energy storage he makes sure to self-supply his farm with power read more

my-PV partner webinar

2021-09-06T11:22:52+02:0028th. June, 2021|

my-PV/BlueSky partner webinar When: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at 4pm (UTC+1) Where: Online Webinar Register now and gather exciting information on the topic of "Combining heat and storage solutions". What it is about: Linking heat and energy storage solutions in the partner webinar Together, efficient solutions Intelligent storage systems and heat generation with solar power read more

“Kommunal Austria” reports

2021-08-09T07:14:05+02:0010th. May, 2021|

"Kommunal Austria" reports The "Kommunal" is an Austrian trade journal published monthly and aimed at regional municipalities. It serves as an information tool for mayors, deputy mayors, executive municipal councillors, heads of offices and other inter-municipal bodies. Austrian trade journal reports together with the managing directors of BlueSky Energy We are very happy to be read more

Protection against power failure

2021-05-10T12:30:40+02:0027th. April, 2021|

Protection against power failure A 30 kWh BlueSky Energy electricity storage system protects against power outages and optimises self-consumption Our partner Elektrotechnik Nösterer is a pioneer in PV installation. More than 20 years ago, he installed the first PV system in Austria. Starting as a one-man business, he now employs six people. The company founder read more

Independence in case of a blackout

2021-05-10T12:42:07+02:0021st. April, 2021|

Independence in case of a blackout Cel 3050 grants independence in case of a blackout from the public power grid For Mr. Heese's retirement residence, he built a ground-level, senior-friendly bungalow without a basement near Leipzig in 2019. In addition, a heat pump, 15 kWp glass PV modules from CS Wismar plus a 3kW wind read more

E-charging points with Vigos

2021-03-29T14:24:29+02:0029th. March, 2021|

All-weather battery VIGOS supplies e-filling station and heat pump High power for e-filling station and heat pump in short time by VIGOS For special applications such as the supply of e-filling station and heat pump, where a lot of power is needed in a short time, the outdoor storage VIGOS from BlueSky Energy is the read more

Outdoor power storage for farm in Lower Austria

2021-03-29T14:22:49+02:0023rd. March, 2021|

Secured power supply for family businesses with VIGOS Outdoor power storage system VIGOS Outdoor Electricity Storage Provides Secure Power Supply for a Farm in Lower Austria The family business from Lower Austria with a farm, stables, beehives, distillery and two private houses plans to increase its own consumption with a Vigos Outdoor electricity storage system. read more

energy storage costs

2022-01-26T11:36:20+01:0022nd. February, 2021|

Energy Storage costs How much is a battery storage? Calculation models and what you should check out when comparing different offers. Read the guideline and get useful insights. The simple approach: retail price  / kWh = cost per kWh Most times this is the calculation used for comparing costs. Simple and it seems an easy read more

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