“Oeko-Institut” confirms safety

2021-09-01T09:31:08+02:0031st. August, 2021|

"Oeko-Institut e.V." confirms: "Used in a home storage system, the ingredients in the BlueSky saltwater battery pose no risk to humans or the environment." The "Oeko-Institut" is one of Europe’s leading independent research and consultancy organizations working for a sustainable future. Source: "Oeko-Institut e.V." "Oeko-Institut" tests batteries from BlueSky Energy The "Oeko-Institut" in read more


2021-08-13T14:35:16+02:0013th. August, 2021|

Blackout Real danger or pessimism? The events are piling up. 2 million people without electricity in south-west-Europe 24th of July 2021: Instable Grid and frequency loss down to 48,66 Hertz in Spain. In consequence, Europe's grid provider reacted well. They cut of power in Spain, Portugal and France. Thanks to that, the remaining Europe did read more

Investment – Green Energy

2021-08-24T12:16:05+02:0027th. July, 2021|

WEBINAR: BlueSky Energy Profit participation rights information webinar - for all interested parties in profit participation rights for sustainable and secure storage solutions The most important key data at a glance: WHEN: Wednesday 22nd of September at 2:30 PM (CET+2 = Austria) DURATION: Approximately one hour, 3:30 PM WHERE: Online webinar via Zoom, click here read more

Technology comparison

2021-06-02T13:45:01+02:001st. June, 2021|

Technology comparison Source: BlueSky Energy Battery comparison Renewable energies are becoming more and more important. The expansion of photovoltaics is increasing more and more, and many people are installing a photovoltaic system with the installation of a storage system. In this way, the electricity from photovoltaics can not only be used directly, but read more

Energy in public housing

2021-07-06T16:11:32+02:0015th. May, 2021|

Energy in public housing A 40 kWh GREENROCK saltwater battery storage optimises self-consumption of a residential estate of NHT in Wörgl. The storage system is part of a Smart Cities funding program the Klima- und Energiefonds in Austria. What's behind Smart City Wörgl? The German Video explains: Guilty as charged: The project team stands for read more

SolarEdge and Greenrock

2021-05-10T12:23:10+02:0010th. May, 2021|

Alius brings the safest and most durable battery and top inverter brand together Greenrock saltwater battery now compatible with SolarEdge 3 phase inverter. Source: Alius Energy BV   Alius Energy meets BlueSky Energy in Frankenburg, Austria We are pleased about the excellent cooperation with Alius and Solar Edge. This has resulted read more

advancement in technology

2021-04-02T11:00:59+02:002nd. April, 2021|

Advancement in Technology Improved processes in cell production of saltwater batteries The development of cell production in Austria is progressing. In the (German) video, Managing Director Dr. Thomas Krausse and shareholder Horst Wolf talk about the progress. Watch the video. Here is a summary of the key messages: Three patents applied for With the decision read more

Jobs – Binnendienst

2021-02-23T09:33:24+01:0023rd. February, 2021|

Jobs - Binnendienst Voor de verdere uitbreiding op onze nieuw lokaal kantoor in België, verantwoordelijk voor de regio Benelux en Frankrijk, zijn wij op zoek naar de volgende functie: Verkoop Binnendienst (M/V/X) - Interne verkoop Wat je kunt verwachten: Ontvangen van telefonische en schriftelijke vragen Vakkundig advies over producten en ondersteuning van klanten met betrekking read more

Germany – Apartment buildings

2020-12-01T11:34:45+01:0023rd. November, 2020|

Award winner:  innovative energy solutions Apartment Buildings with GREENROCK saltwater batteries Congratulations to our partner Michael Metz. He is award winner for innovative energy solutions in Hessen/Germany. On November 19, 2020 he officially received the award. Already in September 2020 the inauguration of the two apartment buildings took place. A great project that we would read more


2020-12-07T10:24:24+01:0018th. November, 2020|

Training Learn more about Vigos and GREENROCK in our webinars. We offer trainings for Vigos - the outdoor power storage and GREENROCK - the saltwater battery. With our webinars we present both products to you. VIGOS December, 10  (Thursday) 2pm (Austria = UTC+1) general and sales (1h) Register here December, 17 (Thursday) 3:30pm (Austria = read more

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