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CEL: The Clever Battery

Product features at a glance

CEL: The Clever Battery is the smart power storage for private home or smaller business. It protects against a blackout and includes a smart energy management system (EMS).

  • Ready-to-connect power storage including smart EMS
  • LFP cell technology is proven a million times
  • Available from 2.2 kWh to 34.6 kWh – scalable
  • Temperature range from 0C up to + 50°C
  • Best price/performance ratio


  • Ready-to-connect, fully integrated system

  • Mains parallel operation, emergency power, off-grid and capable of black starts

  • Protects against a mains blackout

  • 5,000 cycles

  • 10 years of warranty

  • Available at short notice

System sizes

The clever power storage


DC coupling for off-grid operation and black start up to 4 kW.


DC coupling for off-grid operation and black start up to 12 kW.

Battery Unit

Width x Depth x Height

60 x 60 x 72 – 140 cm

Hight varries depending on size/capacity.

Connection Box

Width x Depth x Height

90 x 45 x 90 cm

single-phase systems  1 connection box
3-phase systems 2 connection boxes

CEL_TheCleverBattery power electronics

View inside CEL: 10 kWh 3 ph

Costs for energy storage – how to compare prices

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Examples of use

CEL: is the clever storage system. The integrated energy management system offers a lot of options. For example, the integration of various power generator sources, heat pump, e-charging station, wireless sockets and much more is feasible. The EMS platform gives you easy access and a nice overview.

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