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Your competent partner for smart energy storage solutions and energy management.

BlueSky energy is a full-service provider of energy storage solutions. The company is privately owned and is headquartered in Frankenburg, Austria, with branches in Belgium and the US.

Safe and sustainable storage technologies are the focus of BlueSky Energy.  Focussing on regional value creation with an Austrian production, the cell production of the saltwater batteries is located there.

BlueSky Energy’s storage systems are ready-to-connect complete systems that are quick and easy to install (plug & play). They are durable and reliable. In addition, all storage systems have the function of emergency power and/or off-grid operation. Different areas of application are covered with different storage systems. The range includes storage systems for private home, commercial storage and outdoor storage applications.


The Clever Battery

If you want to optimize your self-consumption and further require a high level of functionality, our CEL: line is the right choice for you. The CEL: storage units are the top price-performance product. All storage units are emergency power capable as standard. An intelligent energy management system (EMS) increases the functionality and integrates e-charging station, water heating or radio-controlled sockets.

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The Performance Battery

CEL:3050 is the performance battery. The storage system convinces wherever high performance of >1C is required. Extreme temperatures from – 30°C to +50°C are within the comfort zone for this storage system. Whether peak loads, increase of self-consumption, emergency power or off-grid operation – BlueSky Energy offers a solution for every application.

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VIGOS: The Outdoor power storage

The weather-resistant outdoor storage system.

The storage system is designed for outdoor installation and can handle rain, snow, heat and frost. VIGOS offers versatile and intelligent support for your energy applications. Thus, you can add storage capacity to your grid connection, without the necessity or expense of a bigger power line.

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GREENROCK The Saltwater Battery

The GREENROCK line are ready-to-connect power storage units with saltwater batteries.  The storage units are available for both home use (GREENROCK HOME) and commercial solutions (GREENROCK BUSINESS).

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Safety confirmed by Oeko-Institut e.V.

“During use as a home storage system, the ingredients in the BlueSky Saltwater Battery pose no risk to humans or the environment.”

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Regional value creation in Austria

We produce in Austria. Robotics and highly automated manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality in production.

The video offers insights into the production of the GREENROCK saltwater batteries  – which is based on aqueous sodium ions. Natural materials such as water, salt and carbon make GREENROCK the safest and most environmentally friendly power storage device. A battery for those who care about the environment. The saltwater storage technology has been successfully used worldwide for years.

Thanks to our research and development, we further developed the technology into a compact, ready-to-connect complete system that originated in Austria.

GREENROCK – The Saltwater Battery

available again with start of Austrian cell-production, which is planned for December 2022. 

We are transferring cell production from Asia to Europe. This is a big move. We plan to start series production in Austria from December 2022.
Your storage project is planned from 2023? Follow us on our website and social media, we keep you posted about the progress.

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„Energy storage is the foundation, in order that the share of renewable energy can grow and 100% renewable energy can be achieved. I believe BlueSky Energy has a very innovative solution to save energy in an environmental friendly and economical way.”

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