GREENROCK Business – The saltwater battery

The safes and most environmentally friendly battery storage – delivered as turnkey solution. 

Saltwater batteries, power electronics, energy management system (EMS), cabling and fuse protection are included in the GREENROCK business.

  • Ready for connection 
  • Quick and easy installation by certified GREENROCK partner
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Battery module and power cabinet easy to move with the forklift
  • Battery modules stackable up to 3 levels
  • Robust, thanks to a wide temperature tolerance from +5°C to +50°C and a depth of discharge (DOD) of 100%
  • Scalable from 30 – 270 kWh
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GREENROCK – tecnical data

GREENROCK – The Saltwater Battery

available again with start of Austrian cell-production, which is planned for December 2022. 

We are transferring cell production from Asia to Europe. This is a big move. We plan to start series production in Austria from December 2022.
Your storage project is planned from 2023? Follow us on our website and social media, we keep you posted about the progress.

30-270 kWh

AC or DC coupling possible


Depth of Discharge DOD:

15 years (@ 70% usable capacity)

5.000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Temperature range:
+5°C to + 50°C

Modbus TCP

Weight per 30 kWh:
battery module
1,8 tons + junction box ca. 400 kg


5 years

Own consumption of solar power, wind energy, …
Emergency power
Off-grid solution

Additional advantages:
No separate structural measures needed
No requirements regarding transport = harmless merchandise


GREENROCK – Key facts

  • Plug & Play ready-to-connect complete storage system

  • The safest and most environmentally friendly power storage

  • Absolutely maintenance-free

  • Non-flammable cell

  • Non-explosive

  • No toxic materials

  • Safe to touch

  • Overcharging impossible

  • Secure against vandalism

  • Wide temperature range +5°C to 50°C

  • Even in state of deep discharging and partial charge long system life

  • Environmentally-friendly salt water based electrolyte

  • No special construction regulations regarding battery compartment to be considered

  • Transport as harmless goods – no dangerous goods

  • Island operation / Emergency power storage / energy storage cluster with intelligent energy management system

Usage Examples

Farmers can be sure about the supply of their life stock. Ventilation, infrared lamps, feed and milking equipment are powered by the battery storage in the event of a failure of the main system. Special agricultural solutions can be expanded to the energy management system.

Hotels and restaurants benefit, above all, from load management. E-charging stations are optimally supplied. 

For business and manufacturers, data backup is the first priority in the event of a power failure. Production machines take power from the GREENROCK storage and continue production in the event of a power failure.

GREENROCK Container Solutions

Set-Up Container_engl

The simplest solution for transport and set-up: A GREENROCK Business System is installed in a sea container. The complete system is delivered in a container and installed with the container on site.


  • plug and play
  • Off-grid and on-grid solution
  • Self-sufficient on renewable
  • Optimizing transport volume
  • 6 – 40 feet container
  • Ventilation, active cooling or heating available on request

Various energy sources can be integrated into the storage system.

Define your ideal energy storage solution

What storage capacity is needed for my electrical energy storage? Which energy should the storage deliver? What is the optimal energy storage size for my photovoltaic and my electricity needs? The electrical energy storage configurator helps you to define your ideal storage. Easy and quick.

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Step towards energy independence. Be informed about saltwater electrical energy storage.

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