• Increases your self-consumption and the profitability of your photovoltaic system
  • Available as stand-alone solution
  • Integrated in all GREENROCK Home and Business Solutions
  • Simple and smart
  • Gradually expandable

The GREENROCK energy-management system

EMS house

How does an EMS help?

EMS stands for an intelligent energy management system. The goal for an EMS is to make perfect use of the available energy. Thus, self-consumption can be optimized and electricity costs reduced.

You have installed a photovoltaic system and generate your own solar power? After a wonderful summer in 2018 you could get great results and wonder how you can get more out of your PV system.

In addition, the GREENROCK EMS is the right upgrade. It is simple and smart, increases self-consumption and rises the profitability of photovoltaics. In addition, the EMS is gradually expandable.

See in the picture how GREENROCK EMS upgrades your home.

EMS basic package

An EMS basic package offers many advantages. Surplus it upgrades your photovoltaic system. The system is compatible with common PV inverters and can be gradually expanded at any time. Your investment is quickly profitable and the ready-to-connect, intelligent solution is convincing. This means that no elaborate programming is necessary. By means of an app, energy flows are effectively presented. You have an overview of the current energy flows and can retrieve your evaluations of the last days, months and years.

Optional upgrades are available for optimizing the PV’s self-consumption. Energy flows are intelligently controlled and peak shaving or load management performed.


What is Load Management or Peak Shaving?

Use your solar power at times when it is sufficiently available. Thus, you can smooth out unnecessary high consumption peaks and save energy costs. For example: If enough energy is available from the PV radio-controlled sockets will start washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher or pool pump. Radio-controlled sockets in combination with EMS makes this smart solution possible.

Which functions can be upgraded?

Extend the system step by step with radio-controlled sockets, heat pump, power storage, e-car charging station, heating element, second energy source (eg: wind turbine, generator, CHP, …). You decide when and which investment is worthwhile for you and stay fit for future developments. Of course, a GREENROCK saltwater energy storage can be integrated into the system.

When does an EMS pay off?

Amortization depends on the price of electricity. That means with differing electricity prices also the time frame of when the system is paid off changes. Calculated with the current electricity prices from 2019, GREENROCK’s energy management system pays for itself in Germany after 5 years and in Austria after 6.5 years. With rising electricity rates the amortization period decreases.


10 kWh Landschaft

The safest and most environmentally friendly energy storage solution for your home – delivered as turnkey solution Saltwater batteries, power electronics, energy management system (EMS), wiring and fuses are included in the GREENROCK Home.

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The safes and most environmentally friendly battery storage – delivered as turnkey solution.  Saltwater batteries, power electronics, energy management system (EMS), cabling and fuse protection are included in the GREENROCK business.

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Step towards energy independence. Be informed about saltwater electrical energy storage.

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