Project Description


Store and share solar power

“Energy host” Martin Miesenberger is a pioneer in the field of renewable energies. With a total of 395 kWp photovoltaic modules, he supplies his farm and restaurant with self-generated electricity.

Using his own solar power even when the sun is not shining – for almost five years now, a 16 kWh GREENROCK electricity storage unit has been supplying the business in the evening and night hours. In cooperation with OurPower, surplus electricity can be sold directly to friends, neighbours or acquaintances at fair prices. In this way, the flow of money is regionalised and no electricity has to be purchased anonymously. Read more about this regional project on our blogpost “Sonnenstrom speichern und teilen

  • 16kWh Salzwasser Stromspeicher
  • Martin Miesenberger
  • Ourpower