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energy storage costs

2021-02-23T11:48:13+01:0022nd. February, 2021|

Energy Storage costs How much is a battery storage? Calculation models and what you should check out when comparing different offers. Read the guideline and get useful insights. The simple approach: retail price  / kWh = cost per kWh Most times this is the calculation used for comparing costs. Simple and it seems an easy read more

What is C-Rate?

2020-04-24T13:24:20+02:0024th. April, 2020|

What is C-rate? C-rate is an often used term in combination with batteries. We explain what it means and how you can use this information to plan your battery storage. C-rate or C is important for comparing batteries of different capacity (size). A battery with a larger capacity runs higher charge/discharge currents. Therefor it is read more

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