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energy storage costs

2021-02-23T11:48:13+01:0022nd. February, 2021|

Energy Storage costs How much is a battery storage? Calculation models and what you should check out when comparing different offers. Read the guideline and get useful insights. The simple approach: retail price  / kWh = cost per kWh Most times this is the calculation used for comparing costs. Simple and it seems an easy read more

International GREENROCK Training day

2020-03-02T08:52:54+01:002nd. March, 2020|

GREENROCK Training in English For the occasion of the big shows Energy Storage Düsseldorf and ees - electrical energy Storage Munich we offer a GREENROCK training day in English. Energy Storage in Düsseldorf is postponed now. Instead of March 10th to 12th the show will take place at a later appointment. We will inform you read more

GREENROCK Training day a few days left

2020-02-27T12:52:14+01:0027th. February, 2020|

Join GREENROCK Training day in Düsseldorf less than 2 weeks left Energy Storage Düsseldorf is approaching soon. For that occasion we offer a GREENROCK training day in English. Join in to learn more about how to set-up, install and operate a GREENROCK Home system. This one day seminar makes you fit to become a certified read more

Off-grid warehouse for potato farm

2019-10-18T11:46:55+02:006th. September, 2019|

Off-grid warehouse for potato farm.  In Belgium a warehouse in rural area without any grid connection is supplied by 10 kWh saltwater batteries. A potato farmer decided to go for a diesel generator and saltwater batteries for his off-grid power supply. The fresh harvest of potatoes is stored in the hall. Adequate ventilation is important read more

Training days to become a certified GREENROCK partner

2019-08-13T09:09:14+02:0012th. August, 2019|

How do I become a certified GREENROCK partner? We are offering training days in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands over the next few weeks. Training day to become a certified GREENROCK partner In this one-day seminar, you will acquire the skills to professionally install GREENROCK systems. You will learn more about the design, read more

Space-saving installation under the basement stairs

2019-10-23T14:39:52+02:001st. August, 2019|

Space-saving installation under the basement stairs From the first consultation to the installation A 12.5 kWh GREENROCK Home storage is placed in a detached house in Germany under the basement stairs. The home owner new what he was looking for. He wanted to optimize his photovoltaic's self-consumption and directly use his solar power. The installer read more

Switzerland’s largest saltwater battery storage in operation

2019-10-23T15:24:35+02:009th. April, 2019|

Switzerland's largest saltwater battery storage in operation The safe and environmentally friendly 100 kWh battery storage is based on salt water electrolyte. "We do not want to make any compromises in terms of safety and environmental compatibility for our school and kindergarten. Therefore, we decided to install GREENROCK saltwater batteries and its intelligent energy management read more

Show time – GREENROCK is rocking international shows

2019-02-14T13:39:00+01:0014th. February, 2019|

Show time - GREENROCK rocks trade shows in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. BlueSky Energy presents the new GREENROCK Business at trade shows in the spring of 2019. We are represented at shows in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Following the well established storage systems for private applications, GREENROCK Business is a storage solution for read more

Car Design – GREENROCK

2018-09-06T15:16:04+02:006th. September, 2018|

New car BlueSky Energy founder is on fire for non-flammable batteries "I feel like a kid in a candy store". This is how Hansjörg Weisskopf describes his enthusiasm for his redesigned car. Listen to his euphoria in the following video. It was taken immediately after delivery of the redesigned car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMZy0tVsnuE As CEO and founder read more

GREENROCK innovations at ees Munich 2018

2020-08-24T10:58:34+02:0027th. July, 2018|

At ees in Munich 2018 we presented several GREENROCK innovations and gained great interest. Here is a brief overview of our variouse developments. Innovation 1: Second generation of saltwater batteries We succeeded in increasing the capacity of saltwater batteries from 2.2 kWh to 2.7 kWh with almost the same dimensions. In addition, the new read more

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