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2020-09-23T15:34:00+02:0023rd. September, 2020|

France The owner of a single family home in Limoges, France is happy about his sustainable energy concept. We present the first GREENROCK installation in France. Consumption reduced by 50 percent Today the family has an annual consumption of 5,000 kWh. Some time ago this was quite different. An annual consumption of 12,000 kWh was read more


2020-09-18T10:36:56+02:0018th. September, 2020|

Shipment Video clip 4 Watch how we are preparing our GREENROCK saltwater batteries for shipment. Our employees in the magazin are doing packaging and preparations for shipment. Watch the video Advantage: shipment and storage There is one big advantage in saltwater batteries. Due to their specifications they are non-combustible and non-explosive. They do not contain read more

Our lab

2020-09-10T16:14:16+02:0010th. September, 2020|

Our lab Video clip 3 This week we present our lab. Also, there we were allowed some insights with our camera. Our chemists work on the composition of the GREENROCK saltwater batteries. Watch the video Latest achievements With starting our own cell production in Austria, we are using a newly developed electrode process. This allows read more

Development insights

2020-09-04T08:05:29+02:004th. September, 2020|

Development insights Video clip 2 After releasing our video about production of GREENROCK saltwater batteries we are presenting now the next sequence. See what our development people work with. Measuring, analyzing, software coding and precision engineering are our daily business. All this know-how we put into development of our GREENROCK saltwater batteries. Watch the video read more

Cell production in Austria

2020-08-21T08:23:45+02:0021st. August, 2020|

Cell production in Austria Managing director Dr. Thomas Krausse speaks about the Austrian cell production. Watch the video "We are fascinated by the idea of a natural, environmentally friendly and safe battery technology." Managing director Thomas Krausse states in the video. He talks about our motivation to establish cell production of the saltwater batteries in read more

Video shooting

2020-08-20T15:40:45+02:0018th. August, 2020|

Video Shooting A look behind the scenes at GREENROCK - the saltwater battery. With an exciting video shooting day we have captured great insights into the production of the GREENROCK saltwater batteries. Cell chemistry, test laboratory and production of the GREENROCK Home and Business storage systems ... Dominik Zwerger from innMotion looked over our shoulders. read more

Truck Garage relies on solar power

2020-06-15T12:28:46+02:0015th. June, 2020|

Truck garage relies on solar power 45 kWh GREENROCK Business storage system In northern Germany, a 45 kWh GREENROCK Business storage system supplies a truck garage with solar power. The recently installed saltwater battery storage stores solar power and supplies the workshop. Two photovoltaic systems with 25 kWp and 34.6 kWp supply green power for read more

Off-grid with 25 kWh GREENROCK for a family in Belgium

2019-10-18T12:04:59+02:002nd. September, 2019|

Off-grid with 25 kWh GREENROCK for a family in Belgium Living off-grid and self sustainable with an island mode storage system. That’s what the owner of a family home in Belgium wants to establish. The family owns a hybrid car and has all electric appliances (no gas connection). The family with two children and a read more

GREENROCK Container for water treatment in the Caribbean

2020-12-17T15:42:53+01:006th. August, 2019|

GREENROCK Container for water treatment in the Caribbean We deliver a 105 kWh GREENROCK saltwater battery placed in a container for the Caribbean island of Dominica. It's power is used for water treatment and clean drinking water. The battery Storage system  is placed in the capital Roseau in the southern parts of the island. Our read more

Off-grid home for a family of seven

2019-10-23T14:38:16+02:002nd. August, 2019|

Off-grid home for a family of seven With GREENROCK saltwater battery storage A family of 7 chooses a very special house for living off-grid in Menen, Belgium, not far from the French border. They live in a glass house like a greenhouse. The family opted for a glass construction to use maximum solar energy. The read more

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