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Germany – Apartment buildings

2020-12-01T11:34:45+01:0023rd. November, 2020|

Award winner:  innovative energy solutions Apartment Buildings with GREENROCK saltwater batteries Congratulations to our partner Michael Metz. He is award winner for innovative energy solutions in Hessen/Germany. On November 19, 2020 he officially received the award. Already in September 2020 the inauguration of the two apartment buildings took place. A great project that we would read more

Car workshop with sun power

2020-09-30T11:14:50+02:0030th. September, 2020|

Car workshop with sun power Self-consumption at a level of 80 percent Austria: 67 PV modules mounted on the roof and on the building façade provide sun power for the car workshop. In total, 111 m² are used for the PV-modules. The workshop consumes the energy generated and surplus energy flows into the GREENROCK saltwater read more

Off-grid warehouse for potato farm

2019-10-18T11:46:55+02:006th. September, 2019|

Off-grid warehouse for potato farm.  In Belgium a warehouse in rural area without any grid connection is supplied by 10 kWh saltwater batteries. A potato farmer decided to go for a diesel generator and saltwater batteries for his off-grid power supply. The fresh harvest of potatoes is stored in the hall. Adequate ventilation is important read more

Power with sun and batteries

2018-11-20T09:56:16+01:0020th. November, 2018|

Power with sun and batteries A five family home relies exclusively on sun power for its energy and heating supplies. GREENROCK saltwater batteries are part of the project. What's so special about this house? Instead of installing an expensive heating system the house offers PV panels, battery storage and modern infrared heating system. Compared to read more

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