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The weather-resistant outdoor storage system.

The storage system is designed for outdoor installation and can handle rain, snow, heat and frost. Vigos offers versatile and intelligent support for your energy applications. Thus, you can add storage capacity to your grid connection, without the necessity or expense of a bigger power line.


  • Ready-to-connect complete system with Carbocap Technology

  • Grid-parallel operation, emergency power, island operation and black start capability

  • High charging and discharging capacity

  • Temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C (direct sunlight exposure possible with an optional climate system)

  • Protection class IP45

  • Up to 20,000 cycles

  • 10-year warranty

  • Non-flammable*

  • Non-explosive*

  • Sustainable

* in accordance with UL-1973

At a glance

  • All-weather storage system
  • 20,000 cycles
  • Grid-parallel operation, island operation and black start capability
  • High power

The storage system for indoor and outdoor applications with intelligent sector coupling:

  • Peak shaving (capping)
  • Dynamic load management
  • Integration & pooling of storage systems, generators & charging stations

Carbocap Technology – A strong technology

The term, Carbocap Technology, describes the CO2 reduction by the storage system. The advantages cited above make the technology particularly sustainable due to its long service life. CO2 emission (informally carbon) is capped, hence the name Carbocap Technology.


  • Safe: non-combustible*, non-flammable*

  • Sustainable

  • Wide temperature range (-30 °C to +50° C)

  • High C-rate

  • Cycle stability – multiple cycles a day are also possible

  • 20,000 cycles

* in accordance with UL-1973

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comparison battery technology

System sizes

A lot of power in a little space

system sizes Vigos

Design with battery module L, R or on both sides possible. DC coupling of photovoltaic systems up to ~ 45 kWp possible.

Battery module

width x depth x height

800 x 860 x 1600 mm

Power cabinet

width x depth x height

1660 x 860 x 1600 mm

Interior view of a Vigos 48 kWh system

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Vigos Broschüre

Costs for energy storage – how to compare prices

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Areas of application

The storage system is designed and manufactured for indoor and outdoor use. It is weather-resistant and can handle heat, cold or rain. With its high C-rate it is ideally suited for shaving (capping) peak loads. The storage system offers enough power when capacity is limited. Even multiple e-vehicles can be charged simultaneously with dynamic charging point management. Thus, your renewable energies have more to offer.

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